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The tripod with two handles
The tripod with two handles
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      2019Years£¬Is the company to the internationalization¡¢The key to the regional development for a year£¬Thanks to colleagues and chongqing's total foreign trade group£¬In the past year has carried on the feasibility of exploring experiment£¬For2019Pointed out the direction of the company's development¡£

      In the New Year£¬We will continue to uphold¡°Personality¡±¡¢¡°Function¡±The management idea£¬According to the demand of the market service£¡Firmly believe that2019Years will beKDDMore solidarity and collaboration¡¢Positive for one year£¡

      The way forward£¬A lack of luck£¬Need to work on£¬Because lucky come need to pay¡£In the face of new challenges£¬We must be prepared£¡

     Set out£¬2019!

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The tripod with two handles
KDDLog three light oil paint on the experiment£¨Chrysanthemum pear£©
KDDWood closed bottom light oilVA1123 VA1123A VA1124The test log
KDDWood closed bottom light oilVA1123A VA1124The test log
In water-based coatings¡°Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in¡±During the period of development
Coating process needs to be strengthened
Adversity to survive The paint industry will meet spring
The advantage of water-based wood coatings
Zhang sales experience
Record the Indian customer consultation
The tripod with two handles
The tripod with two handles

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Heshan branch ding gong material cast members are more than ten years of experience in chemical industry£¬Once in the service of coatings¡¢Printing ink¡¢The chemical industry's leading enterprises such as resins and additives¡£


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